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    Erin Loechner

    Great adaptation, Deb!

    Allison Fingalson

    This week we are supposed to us patience and perseverance in waiting for dairy cream to get harder. There was a adaptation to whip eggs instead, but my children cannot have either dairy or egg. So instead I whipped aquafaba (the liquid left behind in a can of chickpeas). It has similar properties as egg- as a binder, to make baked goods fluffier, and if whipped(for a long time-patience, and perseverance!) makes firm peaks just like egg whites would.

    Erin Loechner

    This is genius, Allison – well done, and thank you for the tip!!!!!!!


    We hid both nickels and pennies in unfolded napkins/rags. R. is learning folding which is already geometry, but adding hidden coins allowed for counting/number/value practice too. Went well!

    Erin Loechner

    LOVE THIS, Darcy!

    Emelia Stark

    I thought I’d share that we combined two prompts this week…the Nest and Pig Pen Challenges.

    I had prepped for the Pig Pen idea by telling the story when we were hanging out in our playground house last week but we didn’t get to building. They had me add on to the Muppet version where the wolf pretends to be Santa, and my daughter wanted there to be 5 pigs. I also read a version of it…they were pleasantly shocked and delighted with the fairy tale wolf eating two pigs and the third pig eating the wolf!

    Then this week we were cleaning out the garden and my son dumped all the leaves from the yard waste bag in a pile on the ground right before we were going inside. We decided to leave it for another day. The next day he said he wanted to build a house with the leaves. Then we used the tee pee stick structure we’ve had up for a couple years as supports for a bird nest. He tried just tossing leaves on it before deciding we needed more supports. We added sticks and twine before adding the leaves. This led to discussions about birds’ nests..and climbing on the tee pee. Then I recited the wolf’s lines about blowing the house down. The kiddos realized that with the supports it couldn’t blow down but the wolf could push it. And when we were done the tee pee was on the ground…to much delight! And we haven’t cleaned up the leaves. :) So happy to have had some prep and ideas to help me go with the flow that afternoon!

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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