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Right now, many of you are (a) stuck indoors with small children, (b) trying to keep your kids busy while schools are canceled, or (c) attempting to work from home with littles underfoot.

And in a time where so many of us feel helpless, this is a small way I can help.

To support all quarantined families, our charter school-approved curriculum is 100% free for the next 3 weeks. Just use the button below, create a profile for your kids’ ages (2-7 yrs), and get started with super simple, no-fuss, easy to implement ideas or lessons for the kids to try each and every day.

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Today, and for as long as this uncertain season lasts: we’re honored to support your family.


During your time here, you’ll be receiving exclusive access to:

Daily lessons specifically designed for your child’s age (2-7), educational levels and learning capabilities.
Community forums to give and receive the most relevant feedback on today’s pressing topics, issues and resources.
Marketplace discounts, product giveaways and free monthly resource downloads to equip you throughout your homeschooling journey.
Custom progress tracking tools to keep your efforts consistent and educational goals intact.
Child’s interest logs to document the passion and unique trajectory of each child in your home.

…and so, so much more. We’re thrilled for you to join the ranks of over 5,000 homeschooling parents.

Get 3 Weeks Free