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What if…?

You received a customized, progress-based strategy for teaching your 2-7 year olds without expensive curriculum or time-intensive prep?

You were welcomed into a thriving, vibrant homeschooling community for like-minded parents with built-in mentorship, guidance and support?

You fell into bed every night with a smile knowing you successfully connected with your kids’ hearts and minds in a creative, unique and educational way?

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Your dream? Our plan

Other Goose is for you if:

  • You want to homeschool, but aren’t sure where to start. You need a go-to plan to take the guesswork out of the journey ahead.
  • You know the benefits of homeschooling but are wondering if you’ve got what it takes to teach your kids under 7. You’re looking for an intuitive program that keeps you consistent and on task.
  • You currently homeschool, but struggle with the fear that you’re not doing enough. You love the freedom and flexibility of your day, but still crave the assurance that your kids’ learning is on track.

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