New Here? Come on in.

We will rise above busywork. We trust that learning happens in the fringe moments, not the fridge worksheets. Together, with daily intentions and delightful ideas, we will lasso said moments and make ’em count.

We will be veritably human. We will not manipulate your pain points, nor will we create quizzes, sales funnels, or webinars offering a magic solution to keep you safe from the thing you most fear. We know what you know: parenting is hard. It can be tumultuous. You are tired. (You have what it takes.)

We will remain inclusive. You are a person who is a parent. We will not call you mama, Mama Bear, mommy. When we speak of parenting, we are not speaking only to mothers. Likewise, when we speak of homeschooling, we are not speaking of the Instagram version only.

We will respect individuality. Your child holds great ability and a natural motivation to learn. We will not dampen his/her spirit with rote scripts for you to replicate one version of an education. We trust you – utmost and first – and believe in all adaptations.

We will think sustainably. We will not fill your home nor empty your wallet with recommended supply lists, packaged kits, “educational” toys. You and your library card are enough. (Moreso than.)

We will relentlessly encourage. We will not sugarcoat the hard. We will not bemuse the simple. We will guide you through every step of your child’s learning journey. And we will never, ever turn down a root beer float. ;)



Come On In


p.s. Have questions? We’ve got answers, or hear what the experts are saying.