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Q: Which homeschooling methodology does Other Goose follow?

A: We believe there are a million ways to teach a child well, and that every child is different. No one method will do! Our curriculum is custom-developed based on learning objectives and goals for children aged 2-7 with a strong emphasis in the following categories: Literature, Relationships, Creativity,  Math, Language, Foundations, Outdoors, Logic, Rhythms, and Habits.


Q: I’m not currently homeschooling. Am I in the right place?

A: Of course! Many Other Goose parents rely on our weekly lessons to enrich a traditional educational path, and still more have joined for access to the incredible, encouraging community. We’d love to have you, wherever you land!


Q: How long will Other Goose activities take each day, on average?

A: Our lessons are interactive and powerful in their simplicity. While many could take no longer than 20 minutes to complete, we believe each and every lesson is a launch point for deeper connection and exploration with your little.


Q: I have multiple children 7 and under. Do I have to pay extra? And do the lessons work together so I can teach them all at the same time?

A: The more, the merrier! Other Goose is just $9.99/month per household, so no need to pay extra for multiple children. And yes, our curriculum is designed to work for the entire family’s rhythm. Each age-specific lesson closely complements others in different age groups so you can teach your children similar concepts within the same activity.


Q: Do I need any fancy supplies to follow this curriculum?

A: Not at all! We believe in using what you already own. Most of our lessons require the basics: you, your child, a few on-hand supplies and a ready mind!


Q: Is Other Goose religiously affiliated?

A: No. While our curriculum is rooted in a worldview that focuses on love, kindness and respect to all, we do not present any particular doctrine or religious creed.