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What They’re Saying


“It’s easy to get caught up in what society tells us young children need—all the stuff, all the Pinterest activities, all the ABCs and 123s. But if I could tell parents to focus on just three things in the early years it would be this: read aloud to your children, let them stand next to you in the kitchen and cook with you, and give them endless hours of unstructured play. It’s really that simple. Other Goose gets it—life with young children can be complicated but your homeschool does not have to be. Less truly is more.”

Denaye Barahona, PhD and Child Development Expert



“As a busy parent, I love that I no longer need to spend what feels like hours Googling educational things to try with my 3-year-old. These lessons keep us happy and learning without tedious worksheets or time-intense resources. There’s virtually no set-up and I’m 100% confident Hendrix is growing in his understanding of foundations and early principles. Thank you so much, Other Goose!”

Marie H., Other Goose member

“What if we pay close attention to all the big and little ways [our kids are] learning, persevering and choosing kindness? Other Goose is a parenting practice [we] love.”



“My daughter’s never been this passionate about learning, and I’ve never felt more empowered or equipped to teach her myself in a natural, unforced way. Our family feels so much more connected and at ease. What a gift this program has been for us.”

Sarah M., Other Goose member