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Re-written Nursery Rhymes

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    I wanted to start a thread for us to share our re-written nursery rhymes (for those who feel comfortable) and also provide a platform for anyone to peruse if in need of some ideas or inspiration!

    This one I re-wrote when Sam was born, and sang to him before every nap or bedtime as I bounced him gently in my arms…

    (To the tune of “You Are My Sunshine”)

    You are my son, Sam.
    My only son, Sam.
    You make me happy, when skies are grey.
    You’ll always know, dear, how much I love you.
    In my heart you will always stay.

    *Footnote – Sam is our 4th and final child, and has 3 older sisters :)


    I made a new one! To the tune of Jingle Bells….

    Jingle Bells, Sammy yells, “Come on, let’s go and play!”
    With hats on heads, we grab our sleds, and ride the hills all day hey!
    Jingle Bells, Sammy yells, “Let’s go and have some fun!”
    We make some tracks, and eat some snacks, while singing to the sun!

    Bridgett Faulkner

    This is so sweet! :)

    I sing “You are my sunshine” to my son, JJ almost every night! I will by taking a page right out of your book and re-writing that for him tonight. He is sure to feel so special!

    Erin Loechner

    I COULDN’T LOVE THIS MORE!!!!!!!!! :)

    Rachel pereira

    Is the Barney I love you song a nursery rhyme? LOL…ok, not really… but i “rewrote” that one and sing:

    I love you
    I really do
    Cuz you are my Allie-pooh
    With a great big hug
    And a kiss from me to you
    Always remember God loves you too.

    Rachel pereira

    Oh yea, I have another…

    I have “re-written” Bingo (B-I-N-G-O) with two verses (and that’s how my gal learned to spell her name).

    There was a mommy who had a girl
    and Allie was her name-o


    There was a girl who had a mom
    and Mommy was her name-O

    Erin Loechner



    I Love You Rituals has a lot of sweet re-written nursery rhymes! One of my 3 year old’s favorites:

    A wonderful woman lived in a shoe
    she had so many children
    and knew exactly what to do
    she held them
    and rocked them
    and tucked them in bed
    “I love you, I love you”
    is what she said

    You can do a fingerplay with them – have your child sit in your lap and take her hands and massage them palm up. Then motion “sooo many children” with their hands spreading out. Touch each finger in one hand as you say ” she knew exactly what to do.” Tuck your child’s fingers in and cradle their hands to “she held them” and then rock/swing them for “she rocked them.” Fold their arms into their chest and wrap them up in your arms – “and tucked them in bed.” :)

    Allison Fingalson

    This is wonderful!
    My only ones are really boring!! I just used my kids names to a random tune- the ones Ive sang them since they were born are “Maryanna, maryanna I love you.” Over and over set to she will be coming round the mountain. :) and my more creative “Ully boy, Ully boy. My little wolf” (my son’s name is Ulric, which means king of wolves).

    I did adapt TuLaRu (my daughter calls it the crying song)
    Tu Ra Loo Ra Loo Ra
    Tu Ra Loo Ra Lie
    Tu Ra Loo Ra Loo Ra
    now its ok to cry
    Tu Ra Loo Ra Loo Ra
    Tu Ra Loo Ra Lie
    Tu Ra Loo Ra Loo Ra
    listen to my lullaby

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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