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    I need help with the Penny Walk (2 year old). The community I live in is not structured like a typical town. There are only two stop signs and they are a 30 minute walk away from our house. Plus, it is -40 without windchill, so way to cold to walk that far. I love the concept of this lesson though and can’t wait for warmer days to try it out. In the meantime, what are some ways to teach left and right while getting some exercise indoors?

    Erin Loechner

    Hi Melissa:

    Oh goodness, -40?! Bless you! Until you can try out the penny walk, these are a few of our favorite ways to teach Left and Right at home!:

    -Hokey Pokey, believe it or not. ;)
    -We Sharpie’d “L” on the sole of a left shoe and “R” on the sole of a right. Over time, this one stuck like glue!
    -During the day, offer simple directives like, “Can you move your glass to the right side of the pile of books so it doesn’t spill?” or “I’m going to put your book on the left nightstand here.”
    -Simple obstacle courses are one of our favorite ways to get exercise while also teaching L+R, i.e. “Jump on the left side of the pillow 4 times, then spin around right 5 times, then loop through to the left side of the kitchen table!,” etc.

    Hope this helps warm up your homes and hearts over there! Stay safe! :)


    These have been so helpful! Thank you! I’ve also been naming right/left arms and legs when getting dressed every day.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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