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    We have been homeschooling for 22 years now and we have been fostering for 17. The children I am learning at home with now are adopted out of the foster care system. Every year I am humbled by how very little I know. The children I grew from seeds were schooled so much differently than those I got as seedlings. The delays, challenges, struggles and triumphs we experience daily keep me on my toes. Although my twins are chronologically a bit older than 7, they are developmentally just about there so they are really enjoying the lessons here. I am always wondering/worrying about pushing them hard enough, but not too hard. I am also still actively fostering, typically medical impacted babies, so we have frequent intervention staff in our home and we have more medical appointments than one might think. And of course they joy/difficulty of a baby in the house. ;)

    Erin Loechner

    Susan – what a joy to have your wisdom here! Love hearing the beautiful work you’re doing in your life and the lives of so many littles. We’re cheering you on, and are so glad you’re here!


    My husband and I have 3 small boys (ages 5,3,1) in our house and we are just starting the conversations and research into fostering and/or adopting a 4th child. This has been on my heart ever since I was in college and my husband is becoming passionate about this journey too. I am feeling a little overwhelmed and intimidated by the fostering process (I probably read too much online!) Does anyone have some real life advice/experience with the foster care system and adopting through foster care?

    Thanks so much for taking a minute to read. :)

    Jeanine Federline

    Hi Lesley!

    I don’t have personal experience in this area, but I did listen to an episode of the Coffee + Crumbs podcast on the topic a few years back that I thought was EXCELLENT! It really touched my heart, and it’s stayed with me since. Here’s a link.

    Best of luck to you in your journey!

    Caitlin Boulware

    Hey! I’m the oldest of five kids and my two youngest brothers are adopted through the foster care system. My husband and I are also lisceneced foster family and plan to foster children once our two kids get a little older. I would love to email or talk more about any specific questions or fears that you have. I know it can feel really big and scary. But while not easy I had a really good experience growing up in that world and am so thankful my parents decided to say yes.


    We were licensed foster parents in the last place we lived, but only did respite care. I will say that the process to get certified really helped us. We lived in NM and they were very upfront about the challenges and happy to share the good. They also provided lots of support and continuing education. It might be worth looking into foster information nights in your area and attending one to get a better feel for what the process could look like.

    Our son is adopted, and while it’s hard that he’s our son because his other mom wasn’t able to parent, we’re grateful for a chance to love them both.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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