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Hey all! So I’ve been doing the poems and such for the weekly breakfast reading, and just couldn’t get my 3yo to take hold. Which surprised me because he LOVES stories (omg I could recite 5 or 6 different Dr Seuss books front to back, we’ve read them so often. Actually, he can too! lol) and he LOVES songs. His memory for language-based things is incredible. So I asked him if he wanted to come up with some actions for the fall poem and he was on board! We co-created very simple actions to go along with the poem and he can now “sing” the entire thing. I’ll post a video in my IG stories for anyone needing some “actions” ideas – we do this with most of the songs we sing at the forest school I supply teach at and it’s amazing to see how quickly kids get into a song/poem when their bodies can get involved too! @blended_fam.3_girls_and_sam PS – I’m not sure if I’m allowed to share my instagram on here, Erin? I read through the Forum Policies and don’t think my IG account counts as a link to another website but if it does, pleas feel free to delete it!