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Hannah lacy

Hi Caroline, Welcome! :)
I am also a mother to two boys, Elijah (4 but recently turned 5 year old) and Ezekiel (almost 2-year-old). I am also a SAHM but currently going to school full time online too. I fully believe God directs our steps! We are originally from a major city in TX but relocated to a small town several years ago and it is exactly where we needed to be. We love the library, park, walking trails, local coffee shops, and farmers market! My son is not in an “official grade” yet because he didn’t turn 5 until after the first day of school. I’ve never called what we do homeschooling, I guess I would say we do “at home learning” or “otherschooling”. My oldest actually does pre-k just two days a week for a few hours so I can try to study with just our youngest. But I love other goose for intentional connecting and learning with my boys at home! We havent fully decided what to do about kindergarten yet either so we are just testing the waters right now also :)