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Television is one of the reasons we’ve joined Other Goose. We live in a small apartment with no real outdoor space to play. We didn’t plan to raise our children here, but until we get a house… Here we are. Although we often spend time outdoors, winter here is way too wet and miserable to do much outside and there are plenty of hours in any day when we’re not riding bicycles or swimming or taking nature walks. It’s just plain difficult to find healthy, interesting distractions for any of us on regular basis without leaving home or buying new toys that don’t last two hours. Plus, we’ve noticed that television (even kid-friendly, educational shows) definitely seems to create the worst attitudes in our littles (ages 2 and 4.) So, hello, Other Goose! We’re spending this season learning new ways to entertain ourselves and spend more quality time together right here on the living room floor or in the kitchen or wherever.