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Totally feel you! I have a 3 month old and a two year old and the pandemic made it much harder. With travel restrictions and having to be extra careful, I wasn’t able to get help as much as I could’ve sans pandemic. One thing I’ve realized about my 2yr old is that he’s been much grouchier with not being able to see friends and for a while we weren’t getting outside much at all because I was consumed with taking care of myself and the new baby. Since I’ve just gotten my bearings a bit I’ve been trying to get us outside for a walk each morning (so much work, but so worth it!) a good walk or even a sit outside while the two year old runs around helps all of our mental health tremendously.

Also, if I’m desperate, I try to FaceTime one of his toddler friends/my friends with a toddler. He’s an extravert, so he needs people!! (And so do I!)

Also, it’s hard on these pandemic streets! Give yourself lots of grace!