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Such an exciting time! I am 2 weeks postpartum and I’ll add just two things: It always seems like the transition is hardest for the toddler. And I do my very best to not always blame the baby for what can not happen right now. For example, when the toddler wants help pouring a drink, “I say, I can get that for. you in 5 minutes.” As opposed to: “I am nursing the baby right now, you’ll have to wait.” Because I think sometimes toddlers begin to begrudge the baby. But asking for their help to get a diaper or wipe out for you, teaching them to diaper their baby doll, singing the toddler’s favorite songs to help calm a fussy baby. Including the toddler as much as possible has helped mine along.
Also, one funny thing: the toddler (who has been weaned for more than a year) asked to nurse when we were cuddling. I expressed a sip of my milk in a cup for her, and she said, “YUMMY! More, please!” and I thought, oh no! What have I done!?? I gave her a little more. Then my other two kids wanted to try. So we had a little breastmilk tasting party. Inside I was nervous that everyone would want this all the time now. But it satisfied the curiosity and no one has asked for mom’s milk again.