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Hey Debbie! Obviously every little one is different, but this worked for us. My aunt (fake aunt…you know the family friend that’s so close) told me that her daughter kept running. So one day she followed her quickly to the street and just right before she got to the edge she SCREAMED her daughter’s name, like an absolute crazy person, and scooped her daughter “harshly” into her arms, YELLING in her face for her to, “NEVER DO THAT AGAIN YOU COULD HAVE BEEN HIT I WOULD NEVER WANT THAT TO HAPPEN TO YOU SO NEVER DO THAT AGAAAAAAAAIIIIIN! Etc. Etc.”

She said the neighbors probably thought she was a lunatic. But she said her thoughts were, “If a bus was driving down the street about to hit her, what would my reaction be? I can imagine that scenario and the absolutely horrible outcome…but Rachel (her daughter) could never envision the severity, until I made the moment real for her. And she never ran into the street’s again.” She also said she didn’t have to do that for her son. So nothing is one size fits all.

SO, I did that with my daughter and she also never ran into the street again. She was about 3 when I pulled out my Oscar winning performance at my street’s edge. :) But if I’m honest, it actually drummed up real tears and I just stared into my daughter’s eyes so she could see it.

“It was an honor just being nominated.” ;)