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6 Simple Moments to Share With Your Kids

Making Christmas magic can be wonderful and beautiful and joy-filled, but for many of us, it often feels overwhelming. The gifts to wrap, the cards to send, the boughs to hang — what’s meant to connect us often leaves us feeling the opposite. Disconnected, frenzied, weary to the bone.

This week, pause and look into the eyes of your littles. Is it really another craft project they need, or is it connection?

Below, we’re offering 6 simple moments to share with your kids this week. They’re not things to buy, wrap, or bake. They’re easy to pull off and quick to enjoy. But most importantly – they promise to give you what you seek most from this season: comfort and joy with the ones you love.


Morning magic.

Light a candle for breakfast. Yes, even if the kids fight over who gets to blow it out. Yes, even if breakfast is only three raisins and a potato chip. By starting the day in the warm glow of a simple candle, we’re offering our kids the gift of lingering. Sit for a spell and tell your littles about your favorite Christmas as a child, and watch their eyes light up brighter than any taper, pillar, or votive could.


Slumber the star.

Pile a mountain of pillows and co-sleep under the tree. Sure, your bed is cozier. But if only for a single nap, let yourself remember the beauty of falling asleep under twinkling lights and ornaments past. You’ll not only wake up a little more rested, but feeling a little more connected to the little one drooling on your elbow.


Capture a carol.

Record a voice memo of your kid singing a beloved holiday song. Trust us: you’re going to want to remember the way he sings Bay Leaves Navidad. (Next year, he’ll likely have graduated to Olive the Other Reindeer.)


Breakfast in Bethlehem.

Cut the toast into the shape of a triangle; call it a Christmas tree! It seems small and simple, but kids speak the language of small and simple better than most. By making an otherwise mundane meal into something special, the whole family nudges a tiny bit closer to joy – and each other.


Wing it.

Make snow angels on the carpet. Now’s your chance to get down on your kids’ level and get silly. Bonus? You won’t get chilly snowflakes down your neck (although you may be reminded how long it’s been since you’ve run a vacuum).


Host a tidings tub.

Blow bubbles in the bathtub while reading a snowy, flurry-filled tale. Books are the great connectors, aren’t they? Pair your next Christmastime read with a rich sensory experience for your kids — pruny fingers and all. They’ll be off to dream of sugarplums before you know it.


Go ahead; choose one, or all. (Merry Christmas, one and all!)


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