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6 Questions to Ask Yourself This Year


In parenting and in life, we’re so quick to reach for the newest, shiniest idea to keep our kids happy and engaged as often as possible. But without taking the time to assess what’s currently working and where we can improve, we’re simply throwing a handful of random ideas at the wall to see what sticks. If we don’t consider what’s working in our own unique home, how can we possibly know what isn’t?

Below, we’ve gathered 6 questions to help you focus on noticing real and true areas of growth in your kids – academically and holistically! Grab your journal or Notes app (Other Goose members: your Notebook is perfect for this exercise!) and carve out an uninterrupted 20 minutes to answer the below.


6 Pillars of Progress

1. How has my child displayed teamwork this month? A specific memory is…

2. Have I witnessed any growth in my child’s independence? A recent example is…

3. How is our parent/child trust increasing? A recent instance where we were able to build trust is…

4. What is one specific area where my child can improve academically, holistically, or behaviorally?

5. Are there any current household systems/routines that need to be paused, reassessed, or replaced? A few alternatives are…

6. What is the most meaningful milestone I can help my child reach this year? My plan to assist in reaching this goal is…


Take the Time

Remember: these questions are only as powerful as you make them. Action is required!

Because progress is often slow-going in these early years, it’s harder to see. After all, we homeschoolers don’t rely on take-home folders from teachers to chart our kids’ progress, or stacks of alphabet coloring sheets to “prove” productivity. So how will we know our child’s growing and learning?

By taking the time to reflect on progress-oriented questions with an open mind, we’ll be better equipped to spot (and celebrate!) the small and steady momentum our children are building. Consider this your informal “report card” or annual assessment. Over time, with these simple check-ins, we’ll become more and more practiced in calling out the great, unique potential in our kids.

Bonus? An annual assessment isn’t just for the child! Don’t forget to reflect on your own progress as a parent. Where have you grown? What are you learning? What’s an area you’re 100% nailing it? 


A Fun Challenge

Want to add a feel-good practice to your time of reflection? Scroll through your camera roll and watch a few old videos of your child, if you have them. Not only will you be primed to see your child in the best possible light, but you’ll shed a few happy tears as you reminder yourself how much – and yet how little – has changed.

Here’s to growth!


p.s. Not seeing as much progress as you think “normal”? Spoiler alert: learning isn’t always linear! Get encouragement by watching how kids learn in this 5-minute video…