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Your all-in-one plan.

Spend less time on prep; more time on what matters.

Get instant access to research-based early learning prompts that guide you through over 250 simple, teachable moments with your child this year!


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What if…?

  • You received a prep-free, research-based strategy for teaching your 2-7 year olds – minus the busy work?
  • You were guided through your early homeschooling journey with 1:1 feedback, built-in mentorship, and ongoing support?
  • Your kids thrived in all areas of development, including cognitive, social-emotional, and physical?


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Leave the busy work behind.

Other Goose isn’t just for your kids. It’s for you.

Our lesson prompts are available whenever you need a jumping off point for an adventurous day ahead. Pick one or all. Around here, you’re 100% in charge.

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