My 1st Fridge Calendar

$6(42 Credits)

Teach early calendar basics with our Other Goose original 8.5 x 11′ Fridge Calendar! Walk your little one through days of the week, months of the year and seasons of the calendar in one handy spot. Simply print and attach to your fridge, then mark each month, date and day of the week by placing a magnet (we like these!) over the corresponding space. Day after day, they’ll learn the beauty of passing time and measuring moments. Bonus: Accessory graphics displayed above each season will prompt a beginning foundation in weather pattern education.

p.s. Your download includes a high-res, printable .PDF format for beautiful printing at home. For best results, we recommend Ultra Bright White card stock, 80 lb. (Hint: You can also upload your .PDF here and pick it up at your local Kinko’s for just $1.24!)