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Give the gift of Other Goose, your all-in-one homeschooling plan for the early years. Get over 250+ research-based learning prompts for your favorite kids aged 2-7 – plus 1:1 feedback, built-in mentorship, and ongoing support for their parents.


“If I could tell parents to focus on just three things in the early years it would be this: read aloud to your children, let them stand next to you in the kitchen and cook with you, and give them endless hours of unstructured play. It’s really that simple. Other Goose gets it—life with young children can be complicated but your homeschool does not have to be. Less truly is more.” -Denaye Barahona PhD, Child Development Expert


p.s. Gift certificate will be shipped directly to the checkout address provided within 5-10 business days. Redeemable here for one (1) full year membership to Other Goose, valued at $155. International families welcome. Happy gifting!