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Gina Morreale

The other day I asked my 3 year old, Antonio, to apologize to me for kicking me in the face (on accident). I’ve been wondering how to teach the concept of “I forgive you” to him, in his terms. This was the moment. He said he was sorry and I told him, “Ok, so I say, I forgive you.” When I say that, I’m saying, “Ok, let’s start over.” And he was listening with his heart as he usually is if I’m honest. A few days later, I had to apologize to him for getting WAY too upset with him (out of proportion from what he did). It had been an emotional day for me. After I apologized, he looked at me and said, “Let’s start over, Mama.” Man, my heart melted and I felt like it was a parenting win! Whenever tantrums arrive, and apologies are due, it’s been such a great way for us to wrap that moment up and continue on together as friends and family who care deeply for each other and are each other’s biggest fans!