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Erin Loechner

Hi Allison:

Sending warm blessings for a safe, peaceful delivery! One of my mentors once offered me some lovely advice for the newborn days, rooted in the idea of inhale/exhale. If you can think of your days as a series of micro-rhythms, like breathing, it will help you to prioritize the things that matter to you while still getting the rest and care you’ll need.

So, your inhales will be things you do to care for yourself, e.g. feeding/rocking the newborn in a dark and quiet room while your 2-year-old watches Daniel Tiger, sneaking in a bath when your spouse arrives home, taking a mid-day coffee run break when everyone’s fussy. Immediately after each inhale, when you’ve had a few moments of restoration, you’ll be far more productive in your exhale, i.e. doing things to care for others like reading aloud to your 2-year-old, loading the dishwasher, switching the laundry, etc.

Also: in the coming weeks, if possible, take the time now to teach your 2-year-old specific ways to be helpful/independent, i.e. show him/her where you’ll keep the diapers, or how he can put on his/her own shoes, or how to make his/her own snack. This 1000% counts as homeschooling! You’re walking your child through habits and expectations to lay the groundwork toward a smoother transition.

There are so many moments of our days where we’re teaching and don’t realize, so if you can train your brain to count it all, you’ll be surprised at how much you’re accomplishing!

Lastly: Narrate, narrate, narrate. While the chicken is thawing, explain why. When you’re stopped at a red light, count cars. When you’re out for a walk, identify animal habitats, or listen for bird calls, or collect leaves.

It allllll counts. Every last bit of it – the inhales and exhales, the surprises along the way. We’re cheering you on, Allison! :)