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Erin Loechner

Hi Emilie!

When our daughter was your son’s age, we talked a lot about how every school is different, and how there are a number of methods for teaching! Are there any organized activities he’s involved in that could be creatively labeled as school? For instance, our daughter (now 6) is immersed in a theatre troupe on Saturday mornings and she visits our friends from Taiwan every Tues/Thurs for informal Chinese lessons. We call both of these different versions of school! (She even gets to pack a backpack with books and lunch for her visits to our friends’ home on T/Th.) Because most 2-3 year olds are hyper-aware of sames and differents, I wonder if it might be helpful to find some commonalities between his day and an average school day. Maybe let him enjoy “recess” at a playground or pack a lunch bag to enjoy his snack in the backyard. Or, you could see if your local library offers free programs or storytimes for a “class” experience! From my understanding, it’s not school most kids are after, but the props of school – the backpacks, the bus, the dodgeball games. ;)

I’ve also heard great things about this book, should he want a clear vision a different path!:

Hope this is helpful for you, Emilie!!!! :) Please keep us posted on what you find to be working well for your little guy!