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Finally signed up for Other Goose and homeschooling has never been easier! You can join us here! –> [LINK]

I’ve been loving Other Goose for simple daily prompts to spend some 1:1 time with my kids. They’re super educational, and SO sweet! Link is here, if you’d like to check ’em out! [LINK]

We swear by Other Goose for play-based learning ideas without the insane supply lists or rigid schedules. Highly recommend! [LINK]

No longer scouring Pinterest for 1,001 things to keep these tots busy. LOVE the simple, prep-free ideas at Other Goose. [LINK]

Just found out our favorite early years homeschooling plan is charter-school approved! Definitely check ’em out if you’re into play-based learning at home: [LINK]

Yes, you can totally homeschool littles as a working mom! Other Goose is a game-changer to keep me organized and on track. [LINK]

What age group is Other Goose right for? Kids ages 2-7!
How much does the membership cost? Just one price for the whole family – $12.99/mo. Or, choose our discounted annual plan for $99.
What are your lessons like? Prep-free and prop-free in 20 minutes or less. Enjoy a sample lesson plan here (3yr) or here (5yr).
What’s the platform like? Organized, simple, and BEAUTIFUL. Enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour right here!
Where can I get more info on homeschooling? Take our free workshop here!

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