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Hello! I am Erin – wife to an agriculture man and mom to a 4-yr-old boy and 2-yr-old girl. We live in Arkansas and, luckily, I know a few people here who home-school, but none that use Other Goose yet.

We don’t home-school at this age, but it’s something we consider for next year. At the moment, our son attends a private pre-school two days per week just to help him out of a pretty hardcore shell. He’s dealt with anxiety since birth, specifically social and detachment, so pre-school has proved to be a huge blessing for him and us. He is a different kid after just one year of preschool, and I credit most of that to the wonderful school we found. All the same, home-school is still a very real possibility as he begins kindergarten next year and our youngest will be old enough for preschool.

In the meantime, Other Goose is such a fun way for us to try new things on the days when we’re all home together. It feels like a good trial run for home-school. Is anyone else debating which way to educate your children or do you use a mix of things?