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My son is 2. Acknowledging his wants and feelings go along way – “I hear you. You want to go outside. Mommy will take you outside after we finish __. We will do outside! We will finish __, then put on your shoes, and then go outside!” Also, if he is throwing a tantrum over wanting something we don’t have (or something that I don’t want him to have at the time), I will offer choices between two things we do have – “I see you are upset because you want yogurt, but we don’t have yogurt. We have peaches or pears! Oh wow – these look yummy! Which one would you like – peaches or pears? You pick!” Sometimes he is still stuck on the thing he wanted to begin with, but most of the time he will make a choice when I am really upbeat and positive about his two choices. Songs also really help to distract and shift the mood. :)